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About Us

Welcome to M and S Meat Market!

A local hidden treasure, M and S Meat Market is a family owned and operated business located at 915 Main Street in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

Over the years, Jan has established a reputation for the large variety of specialty smoked sausage, including his famous Kielbasa and Garlic Sausage.   Also among the favorites is his signature head cheese, marinated pork chops and premade frozen hamburger patties!


At M & S Meat Market we strive to make natural, healthy sausage and meats by using only the finest meat available on the market.  On a day to day basis, you will see smoke rising out of the smoke house chimney, and the aroma filling up the surrounding neighborhood! 


Come and try it for yourself, you will not be disappointed!


We look forward to serving you soon!

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